Beauty-SOS: Five tips against dry hands

Especially in winter, many people know the problem: dry hands! Due to the cold temperatures, dry heating air, and hot hand washing, the skin dries out very quickly. It becomes tight, itches and feels unpleasant. We show you what you can do against dry hands.

The winter not only makes us feel quite cold but also has a negative effect on our skin, especially on the hands, which are constantly in use and where the skin is unfortunately at the same time particularly thin and vulnerable. The problem: both the freezing cold air outside, which carries very little moisture, and the dry heating air within the four walls are a real problem for the hands. These hands have hardly any sebaceous glands or fat of their own to protect them from drying out. That is why it is now important to keep your hands supple on your own to avoid cracked areas and premature signs of aging. But beware: When it comes to caring, not only the tried and tested Hand Cream but an all-encompassing beauty routine that you should follow now for a lasting positive effect.

Washing hands is essential to keep the skin germ-free and prevent infections. Right now, however, it is important that you pay attention to how you wash your hands. Avoid too hot water, for example, because it softens the top layer of skin and damages the delicate acid mantle of the skin. Aggressive soap products and above all the classic liquid disinfectants can dry out your hands all too easily. It is, therefore, best to wash your hands gently for 30 seconds with lukewarm water and mild soaps, for example on a vegetable basis. Special gentle, antibacterial gels and lotions that do not remove any moisture from the skin are suitable as disinfectants.

Did you know that gloves do not only have the practical purpose of keeping our hands warm? In fact, they are also an ideal remedy for dry skin, as they ensure that our hands are not directly exposed to cold weather. Gloves should also be used in the home, namely in all cleaning operations where hands come into contact with chemical substances and hot water. For example, wear rubber gloves regularly when washing up, so that your skin on your hands does not soften and dry out.

Prevention is all well and good, but what to do if your hands really feel rough and attacked? Then it is important to provide intensive care. This works particularly well overnight, as the body and therefore also the hands can rest and regenerate. You can easily support this, for example in the form of rich hand creams that you spread generously on your hands. Then put on special, thin cotton gloves, which ensure that the cream stays in place and can work intensively through the body’s own warmth, which opens the pores. In the meantime, special hand masks with gloves are also available as a ready-made set.


Home remedies and natural products are a good care supplement to give your hands a little wellness in winter. And what you need for this is certainly already available in the kitchen, for example, fine salt and olive oil. Simply mix a little salt and olive oil together in a bowl to create a viscous consistency. Then gently massage the back and palms of your hands with the mixture and then rinse off again gently with lukewarm water. You will feel and see the effect right away: thanks to the salt, dead skin cells have been removed, while the oil has moisturized. The hands, therefore, feel velvety soft.

You should pay attention to the composition of your hand cream because rich ingredients are now the be-all and end-all. These include oils such as jojoba, argan or almond oil, but also shea butter or rice proteins that protect the skin and moisturize it at the same time. By the way, here in our hand cream test, you will find our favorites. Serums or gels enriched with antioxidants also act as anti-aging agents and ensure a silky skin texture.