4 ingredients that you need to incorporate into your hair care routine now

What is monoi oil or keratin? And what exact effect do they have on your hair? (Spoiler: They transform straggly strands into a smooth splendor.) In this little “Wow-Hair” encyclopedia we will explain to you about four still rather unknown active ingredients that are necessary for beautiful dream mane are required.

The oil extracted from rosehip is a real beauty all-rounder. You can use it for facial care, add it to your body cream, use it for a cuticle treatment … or use the oil as an intensive treatment for your hair. The rosehip seed oil contains a lot of valuable vitamin E, which moisturizes your hair and protects it from drying out. However, make sure that it is 100% natural, cold-pressed and certified organic rosehip seed oil. Only in this way can you benefit from an extraordinary conditioning effect. The more intense the orange of the oil looks, the higher the quality of the product.

A bottle of rosehip seed oil with fresh rosehips on a table

Apply about five to ten drops of the oil from the roots to the tips, depending on the length of the hair. As an additional care boost, you can also gently massage the rosehip seed oil into your scalp. Leave this rosehip treatment to work overnight and after rinsing you will be delighted with wonderfully butter-soft hair.

The inner structure of your hair consists essentially of keratin. This is a protein that is responsible for keeping your hair elastic and resistant. If the structure of these proteins is intact, your hair will look healthy and silky shiny. However, various influences such as straightening iron, sunlight, saltwater, bleaching or incorrect care can break down the keratin, resulting in gaps in the keratin structure. With the result: your hair looks brittle.

Woman’s Hair Before And After Hair Straightening On Grey Background

Fortunately, you can add keratin to your hair from the outside with a keratin treatment at the hairdresser. But it’s also easier and cheaper with high-quality care products that you can use at home. Shampoos, Conditioner, and Cures which contain keratin, can support the regeneration of damaged hair. They help to close the gaps in the hair structure. The hair looks smooth and healthy again.