10 tricks for quick help with dark circles under the eyes

Circles under the eyes quickly make us look tired and ill. So the question of whether the night was a little too short again is not long in coming. Pretty frustrating when you have actually slept in. Dark shadows under the eyes are not always the result of a sleepless night, but can also have other causes. We show how dark circles under the eyes develop and what can quickly help against them.

Circles under the eyes are dark or bluish discolored areas of skin which are particularly noticeable under the eyes. The discoloration is caused either by hyperpigmentation of the skin in this area or by the blood vessels shining through under the thin skin.

For most people, dark circles under the eyes are more of a cosmetic issue but the dark shadows can also indicate a serious illness.

Often the two terms are used synonymously, but bags under the eyes and bags under the eyes are two distinct things. While dark circles appear as shadows or discoloration around and under the eyes, bags under the eyes are caused by the slackening of the skin under the eyes. Contrary to what the name suggests, lachrymal sacs have nothing to do with the tear gland. They are rather a side effect of the natural aging of the skin and are often accompanied by swelling.

  • Assessment

Some people have a genetic endowment to discoloration and shadows under the eyes. The thinner the subcutaneous fatty tissue at this point, the more the blood vessels shimmer through. This is also quickly noticeable with increasing age.

  • Sleep deprivation

Circles under the eyes are not just a clichéd image of a night out. Sleep deprivation Especially over a longer period of time, dark shadows under the eyes actually favors and makes us look the way we feel in such a case: Tired.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Stress, nicotine, and alcohol, an unhealthy diet – all factors that increase dark circles. Even those who drink too little and strain their eyes too much by staring at a monitor for hours on end tend to have shadows under their eyes.

  • Vitamin deficiency

People who eat unhealthy food often lack important nutrients and minerals and this Vital substance deficiency can cause eye shadow. Often women with iron deficiency suffer from dark circles under the eyes because the blood becomes darker due to the poorer oxygen supply and thus shines through the skin more strongly.

  • Allergies

Also, Allergies put a lot of strain on the eyes and the surrounding skin, especially because most of those affected then tend to rub their eyes. This additionally irritates the sensitive skin and causes dark discoloration.

  • Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation manifests itself in the brownish shade under the eyes and these can even extend over the eyelids. They are usually caused by your exposure to UV rays or allergies.

  • Diseases

If bags under the eyes appear suddenly and no longer disappear, there may be a serious disease behind it. With disease-related dark circles, the Liver, kidneys or the heart a decisive role. Also, Thyroid gland diseases can cause shady discoloration. In this case, a doctor should be consulted.

Now that you know how dark circles under the eyes develop, you can take targeted and lasting action against the annoying shadows. We still have a few effective first aid tips against dark circles under the eyes, when you need to be quick!

If you did not get enough sleep last night. Cucumbers quick remedy for dark circles under the eyes. To do this, place two slices of an untreated cucumber on the eyes and let it take effect for about 10-15 minutes…and during this time, perhaps catch up on some sleep.

Besides cucumbers, tea bags are also a quick helper when it comes to getting rid of tiredness from the face. Simply two bags Black tea, green tea or chamomile tea Bring to the boil, let it draw and then place it on the rings under the eyes for a few minutes when cooled.

Most people tend to drink too little in their stressful everyday lives. In order to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, it can sometimes be helpful to drink enough to drink. It is best to place a large bottle or jug of water within easy reach and empty it sip by sip.

If the rings under the eyes are not only dark but also swollen cold helps. Particularly well suited are two teaspoons that were in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then put on the eye shadows. Cold compresses also serve their purpose.

For quick help with dark circles, there is a wide range of eye pads available in the drugstore. These are mostly gel-like masks for the lower eye area. They donate the thin skin Humidity and thus provide for a more alert eye.

In addition to eye pads, cooling eye-rollers can also provide quick relief from eye circles. The combination of a moisturizing serum and the cooling metal ball makes dark shadows fade in an instant.

Eye shadows are particularly visible on pale skin and not everyone is naturally blessed with a sun-kissed complexion. Since UV rays can even intensify dark circles under the eyes, you can also use self-tanning products. For the face there are e.g. Self Tanning Dropswhich are mixed with the day cream and give a naturally tanned skin color.

What is good for the back can also be good for the eyes. A gentle tapping massage can help reduce dark circles under the eyes. To do this, carefully tap the lower part of the eye with two fingers from the root of the nose to the temple and repeat this a few times. This little pampering treatment for the eyes can also be used to incorporate a moisturizer.

Unspectacular, but nevertheless helpful: Exercise and fresh air. This stimulates the circulation and supplies the body with oxygen. This not only makes you feel fresher overall but also reduces dark circles under the eyes.

And if none of that helps…

It’s not quite as easy as drawing, but with Make-up, concealer, and co. dark rings under the eyes can be concealed quite well. It is best to choose a lighter shade than your own skin. This way the eye no longer looks sunken and tired.

Even if you now know the best tricks for quick help with bags under the eyes: A healthy lifestyle, sufficient sleep and careful use of your own body will ensure that you don’t need them in the first place.