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Prevention: This ginger shot is an immune system booster

Shot drinks are actually only associated with long bar evenings and drunken nights. But did you know that there is also a shot that makes you really healthy? The magic word is ginger shot! This small, spicy drink is a real health booster, which you can take during the cold season and during the current Coronavirus wave you should drink regularly. You can find out exactly what such ginger shots do here.

Many stars are said to already swear by ginger shots. Of course, we’ll be listening: what can this trendy drink really do? The fact is: The preparation couldn’t be easier, which is why you can theoretically prepare it quickly in between meals or even use it in Meal Prep Form …for a couple of days and chill out.

Fiery hot, but so healthy: ginger shots!

To prepare a ginger shot, you need:

  • A 1-2 cm long piece of peeled ginger
  • Half a pitted apple
  • A shot of lemon juice
  • Some honey

And so it goes:

Put all the ingredients in a blender and puree them into a creamy mixture. You can also use a blender and mix the ingredients in a bowl. Then pour the hot ginger mix into a small shot glass and enjoy it immediately. Otherwise, just put it in a bottle and drink it later. By the way You can also make a pure ginger shot by using just a piece of ginger and some water to stretch. This is really only for the hardcore who can handle the burning hotness in their mouth.

You then drink the ginger shot just as you know it from the alcoholic variants: Bottoms up. This way your mouth is guaranteed to burn only for a short time.

Granted: You have to get used to the taste of highly concentrated ginger drinks. The essential oils contained in the ginger tuber are not to everyone’s taste and are definitely a fiery challenge for the taste buds. But the short breath of fire is worth it, because ginger is a true miracle cure and practically a natural medicine that strengthens the body. It is precisely the aromatic ingredients (ginger ole, shogaole and oleo resin) that give ginger its characteristic flavor. They promote the blood circulation in the body, have an antibacterial effect and thus support the immune system in fighting germs and bacteria.

Especially in the cool spring and autumn during cold and flu epidemics you can drink ginger shots as a precaution. If you take a ginger shot daily or every two days, you are well prepared.