The 10 best tips against winter fatigue

The cold and darkness in winter makes you tired – we show what helps!

The Winter fatigue can have various causes. Mostly it is a combination of several factors that are responsible for the constant exhaustion during the winter season.

In the first place the lack of sunlight. When it is dark, our body releases the sleep hormone melatonin, so we get tired in the evening. Our inner clock, which is mainly oriented towards sunlight, gets confused during the short days – because the body is either exposed to darkness or artificial light. This is also one of the reasons why many Germans spend the winter at a vitamin D deficiency suffer. It makes you weak.

Also too little exercise can promote increased fatigue in winter. When it gets dark and cold outside, morning jogging is half the fun and sport is no longer a priority.

Even if it is sometimes difficult to do so in the icy temperatures: Get out! Every day 15-30 minutes in the fresh air is good for the body and gets the circulation going. Why not use your lunch break for a walk in the winter sun – then tiredness will soon be a thing of the past.

Exercise is good for you and gets body and soul going. Even a small stretching unit in between stimulates the circulation and can be done easily at home without venturing outside into the cold. Climbing stairs also serves its purpose.

It is not pleasant, but helps: take a cold shower! For the less hard-boiled there are Swap showers on. It wakes you up and stimulates the blood circulation in the whole body. The winter tiredness is literally washed away.

Not enough sleep makes you tired, that’s for sure. But too much sleep can also increase winter tiredness. Especially in the cold season we like to stay in bed longer or go to bed early. It is better to listen to our inner clock and to healthy dose of sleep not too much and not too little.

If the night was then nevertheless times too short and one does not come in the darkness simply into the courses, then a Powernap do wonders for winter tiredness. Just lie down for 20 minutes and take a little nap. It is important not to sleep longer, otherwise your body will fall into a deep sleep and you will be even more tired after waking up than before!

Most people tend to drink too little water and this can make them weak. Therefore a tip for winter tiredness: place a large carafe of water in your field of vision and spread it out over the day have a glass every now and then. For a wake-up freshness kick, the water can be spiced up with lemon, lime and mint.

When your eyes close, it may help to have some snacks nibbling or chewing gum to chew. Vegetable sticks like carrot and paprika or delicious fruit are very suitable. This not only fights fatigue in winter, but also provides a large portion of vitamins!

Not entirely sustainable, but at least in the short term can caffeine-containing drinks to combat winter fatigue. If you do not like coffee, you can try Matcha tea or black tea. This warms from the inside on cold days and makes the start of the day easier. Hot poured ginger also makes you awake.

Whether in the office, in the car or at home: When you are overwhelmed by the need to sleep, the Favourite music wake up. Even better is music you would dance to. And if you dare, of course you can sing along. This puts you in a good mood on dull winter days and tiredness is soon forgotten.

Anyone suffering from recurrent winter fatigue can targeted breathing exercises help. Deep inhalation into the stomach and conscious exhalation promotes concentration and relaxation.

With these 10 tips you are well prepared for the upcoming dark days, when winter tiredness catches up with you. The most important thing, however, is to sleep sufficiently and restfully and to go to bed at a regulated time. This will prevent constant exhaustion in winter and save you from the daily struggle with heavy eyes.