10 Best Hunting Destinations in the U.S.

The adrenaline rush that comes with taking down the game is such that only a true hunter would understand. From tracking down the animal to taking the winning shot, to posing for a picture with your kill; these are all moments treasured by many hunters. However, you can only get that award-winning hunting picture with the buck’s head, massive antlers et all hanging over your fireplace only if you know the right locations to plan your hunting expedition in the first place. Don’t be that hunter who spends days on end in the woods peering through his hunting binoculars, armed with hunting crossbows only to show up to an expectant household with a backpack full of nothing.

If you are after a wild hunting experience, some destinations are rife with the big game. Making a trip to the African Serengeti with its lush rainforest and herds of big, exotic game is a hunters dream come true. But if you are not ready for the African wildlife just yet, read on for the ten of the best hunting destinations in the USA.

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