Epically Hilarious Camping Fails Caught On Camera

Not everyone is blessed with amazing outdoors skills. Some of us have to learn through our unfortunate mistakes, just like the people responsible for these epic camping fails.

Using Your Environment

When you’re camping, you have to use the environment to your advantage at times. The campers were fortunate enough to find an abandoned shopping cart, and they saw an opportunity. Now they could grill way more food than they could have done just by using their tiny little camping stove.

Safety First

There is nothing wrong with a safety-first approach to camping, it’s how to avoid serious accidents. This guy didn’t want to risk getting burned by the fire, but he wanted toasted marshmallows so improvised. Now he can have his delicious treat, and avoid blistering in the heat of the flames.

The Latest Apple Release

People love to get the latest gadgets before anyone else, and sometimes it takes real dedication to make sure that happens, like camping in line. Once a year people love camping outside their nearest Apple store to pick up the latest overpriced but must-have gadget from everyone’s favorite tech company.


A Prickly Problem

One thing many people love about having a camping experience is the fact they get to experience the great outdoors at their leisure. This guy wanted to get as close to nature as possible on his recent camping vacation but soon realized there was such a thing as too close.

Never Trust The Ocean

Most people camp in a field, but there must be something great about camping on the beach. You can just wake up and head straight into the water, and for these campers, the water has come to them. This is why you should never turn your back on the ocean.


Consideration For Others

The problem with camping is not the bad weather, or allergies, but sharing a campsite with other people. If you were in any doubt that people are the worst, then check out the damage caused by this person in a hurry to leave their pitch. It’s a muddy disaster zone.


Keeping Dry

This guy knows to make sure he wasn’t touching the ground while sleeping. With no space in any of the tents, he had to make his own bed using whatever equipment was left over. This was his solution, and it must have been the worst night’s sleep he ever had.


Up Up And Away

Someone told this kid they were going to have great fun today. Instead, it seems as though they have a newfound disliking for the water after being thrown from this inflatable and left behind to fend for themselves. Maybe they were just a little too small to ride this safely.


Cards Anyone?

Card games are great as they don’t require anything more than cards and some people. This bear watched campers enjoying a game at this picnic table and thought it would join them. It seemed like fun, and the bear wanted to get in on the action, but strangely, everyone disappeared.


Not How It’s Meant To Be Used

It seems the company responsible for the marketing of this camping bed are missing a trick. They are supposed to be showing everyone how comfortable it is to lie on. If the guy on the box can’t even bear to be on it, the mattress really can’t be that comfy.


It Looks Comfy In There

This dog watched its owner enjoying the sway of their hammock and decided that was the place it really wanted to be. Dogs are not bothered about giving you your personal space, and you can bet it was feeling cramped in there overnight as the dog made itself at home.


The Perfect Camping Multi Tool

It’s always good to have a useful gadget whenever you’re camping. You need to save as much room in your bag as possible, so having something that has more than one purpose is essential. We’re not sure how much space this toilet grill will save, but at least it’s creative.


Getting Farther Away

Camping for some means getting away from civilization, but campsites often come with other people. These two are experienced campers and know what they need to do to get away from the crowds, get on the water. They might not have a boat, but this picnic table is good enough.


Keeping Buster Happy

The family was going camping, but their pet dog needed some convincing. It’s alright for the humans as they have their own sleeping bags, but what about Buster? This was the only way they could get him to agree to come, and someone had to donate their coat to him.


Engineering At Its Finest

Engineers describe themselves as expert problem solvers, and it looks as though one has been busying themselves with this pickup truck conversion. When you can’t afford to buy an RV just add your tent to your current vehicle and enjoy camping all over the country, despite how dangerous it looks.


Checking The Mail

Normally when you go camping, it means you have to leave your home for a while. This person was waiting for an important letter so had to take their mailbox with them. To save room they had to leave the stove, but it’s okay, the mailbox works just as usual.


Sleep Now

These campers decided sleep was more important than anything, even as their tent collapsed on top of them during the middle of the night. They are still kind of protected from bugs, so they decided fixing the tent was a problem for the morning and sleeping was their priority instead.


Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The terrifying thing about camping is the amount of wildlife that can just walk right up to your tent. These bears decided they were hungry so went scavenging for food. They hit the jackpot when they stumbled across this unoccupied tent, so they helped themselves to the delicious treats inside.


I’ve Waited Long Enough

Camping is not just an exciting time away for humans, and our dogs love to explore the great outdoors too. There is so much to sniff, and so little time to do it for this pooch, so it’s trying to encourage its owner to wake up with this gentle reminder.


Technically It’s Camping

When camping there are some things you can’t go without. You need to bring some food to eat, and you’re going to need a tent to sleep in. This biker had a problem, there wasn’t room on the motorcycle for a big tent, so they had downsized to this one.


A Muddy Dilemma

One problem when camping is the risk of getting muddy. All it takes is one wrong step on a muddy trail and all of a sudden you look just like this unfortunate girl. Hopefully there is somewhere for her to clean up, otherwise it’s a wet wipe shower for her!


Before Mobile Internet

Most people go camping to get away from work, but this guy saw it as the perfect opportunity to do some more. Sure he had to bring this wild set up along for the ride, but it’ll be worth it to check the three emails he gets sent while camping.


Biking Is Love

There is nothing that can come between this man and his love for his mountain bike. Is his girlfriend going to take him downhill at breakneck speed on a trail? Not likely, so there is only enough room for two in the tent and his girlfriend didn’t make the cut.


Two Person Limit

People want to be where the party is at, even if that means cramming a few extra people in. Despite only having a two-person tent, the party was there, so everyone else made sure they were a part of it. We bet it’s more than a little hot in there.


Rules Are For Breaking

You know what they say; rules are made to be broken. These campers have a complete disregard for the “No camping” sign and prove that mob rule is alive and well. It’s unlikely they’re all going to get thrown out by the campsite, and they just need to stick together.


Let Me In!

This person thought their horse would be alright being hitched to a tree while they enjoyed the comfort of their tent. It looks as though their horse had other ideas and it wants a piece of the tent action and who can blame it when it’s so cold outside overnight.


Accepting His Fate

When camping the one thing you have to accept is the weather. If it rains, you might have a bad time, but this guy made sure he was smiling no matter what. Sure his trip was a complete washout, but fortunately, there was a silver lining, and he’s still happy.


An Expensive Tent

Most people are happy about camping in a tent that costs around $200, but this person wanted to show off their wealth. Instead of taking the tent, they decided their six-figure Lamborghini was a better option. At least they could say they slept in style, even if it wasn’t comfortable.


Tent Pegs Are Important

You might not think those little metal rods are important for your tent, but this just goes to show why they are. As soon as the wind picks up, your tent is going to want to disappear into the sky so make sure you have it pegged at all times.


Secret’s Out

If you’re trying to keep your precious campsite a secret, then you really shouldn’t be shouting about it from the rooftops. Now anyone near this special site can come along and ruin it for the ones who thought they had their own secret hideout from the rest of the world.


I Was Here First

It seems as though the previous occupant of this prime camping pitch wasn’t quite ready to give up their idyllic spot. We’re pretty sure the guy camping is only more than happy to leave, just as long as the guy who was there before him promises to let him live.


Shutting Out The World

Because we have the world at our fingertips in our phones, it can be difficult to switch off from them for longer than five minutes. This person has little choice but to ignore their social media for the rest of this trip as they left their device in the rain.


Bunk Hammocks

For years these guys have shared the same dorm at college, and they grew close. They sleep in bunk beds and whenever they camp they like to make it feel as much like home as possible, so they stacked their hammocks. We hope they have a plan for getting down!


Who Would Even Consider It?

Thankfully the campers at this site have followed the wishes of the management, we just can’t figure out who this pitch is reserved for. Maybe there is a family of hippos coming along for the weekend, and they like to be close to the muddy puddles to cool off in.


Sleep Is Important

Some people are used to the finer things in life, and the thought of sleeping on the ground actually gave them a sleepless night. They were willing to go but only if a compromise was made. Now there is a comfy bed in the tent but no space to move.


Bringing The Home Comforts

For some, camping is a way to get back to nature, forgetting about the creature comforts we’ve come to depend upon. For others, it’s just a vacation, and if they wanted to feel like they were staying in a sauna, they’d have stayed there, so air conditioning was an essential.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

There are times when a solution is staring us in the face, but we don’t see it. This scout knew he was cooking hot dogs for a party but didn’t want to find a bunch of sticks. That’s where the rake comes in as the most useful cooking utensil ever.


The Bumper Dumper

Sometimes when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. These clever campers made sure they always had somewhere they could potty when they hit the road. Campsites are often hundreds of miles away, and that means a road trip, but now the stops can be kept to a minimum.


Personal Hygiene

One thing that can be tricky when camping is getting a good wash. If you’re unfortunate to visit a campsite without washing facilities, then you have to take things into your own hands. These campers made sure no matter where they stay bathing is always going to be an option.


A Sneaky Surprise

The reason why many people love camping is that it is a great way to get connected with nature. There’s nothing like escaping the daily grind of the city to get some fresh air and reconnect with the outdoors. However, sometimes certain creatures come to visit that you may not be too thrilled about connecting with, as is the case here with this creepy crawler visitor on someone’s tent.


Keep Your Head Covered

While it is important to make sure your head is protected while you sleep, someone needs to give this guy the memo that the rest of your body is just as important to keep safe from the outdoors, especially while asleep. He probably gave up too quickly while building a full size tent and was so tired he just took his chihuahua’s tent instead.


That’s One Way To Do It

This poor couple attempted to pitch this tent for hours. It seems as though they were not up for the challenge, and after the frustrating ordeal, they were simply too tired to keep going, and decided to just pass out on top of their half-built tent. At least they look fast asleep!


He’s Watching You

While you’re out camping in the wilderness, it is important to take extra precautions in order to make sure you are safe. Having proper attire, walkie talkies, and a plan in case you get separated from the rest of your gang are all a great start. However, nothing beats having a tent that will be watching you the whole time.


Enjoying The Great Outdoors

Ah, nature. There’s really nothing quite like it. It’s important to make sure you take some time every once in a while to get outdoors and truly take it all in. While that all sounds great to us, clearly these teenagers do not share this opinion, and would much rather stare at their screens than roast marshmallows.


An Affordable RV

Many people dream of traveling across the country in an RV in order to be able to travel with their accommodations right there along with them. However, RVs are notoriously expensive. This couple decided that although they could not afford an RV, that would not stop them — so they improvised.


Things Got A Bit Murky

While camping, we all lower our standards of cleanliness because, what can you do, you’re literally sleeping outdoors with a small piece of cloth separating you from the elements. However, these people woke up to a nasty surprise when they saw that someone had tracked mud all over the place.


It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane

While flying tents seem like an incredible invention right out of Back to the Future, we’re pretty sure that was not the case here. While it would be amazing to be able to fly around in a tent, if this particular tent was your only option for housing, you’re pretty much out of luck.


Just Hanging Out

This poor guy just wanted to hang out with his friends while on their annual camping trip. Little did he know, they came up with a devious prank that would take the phrase “hanging out” to a whole new level. At least they gave him a drink so he can stay cool while hanging in the sunlight.


Smooth Sailing

Nearly everyone dreams of being able to own a boat and take relaxing cruises on a body of water. However, this couple did not let the fact that they can’t afford a yacht stop them! They’re enjoying their own kind of cruise vacation, accommodation included!


All Tied Up

This poor fellow broke the cardinal rule of camping with your mischievous best friends: never fall asleep unguarded. Unfortunately for him, his friends took advantage of this situation and decided to prank him by duct taping him to his folding chair. We wonder how he felt when he woke up!


Taking It All In

Once again, here we see the great American youth embracing nature and learning to survive in the wilderness while camping in the great outdoors. Well…not quite, but at least he seems to be having a good time while sitting outdoors, so surely that must count for something, right?


That’s Gotta Hurt

It seems pretty irresponsible that this baby’s mother doesn’t seem so concerned that her child is literally mashing up against their tent. She’s sitting back, relaxed, drinking a cool beverage while this poor kid is running up against (the admittedly hard to see) mesh panel of the tent. Hopefully she’ll do something about it soon.


Someone’s Had A Bit Too Much Fun

We’re not exactly sure just what happened here, but one thing is clear: this guy definitely had a great time the night before this photo was taken. It seems a little unlikely that both his tent and his chair would fall apart on their own without being the receiving force of some stumbling around. Who knows, maybe he just couldn’t find his way in the dark?


A Little Visit

Even though many of us enjoy getting up close and personal with nature while we are out camping, that still does not mean that we want to make actual physical contact with a lot of animals. This guy is in for quite the surprise when he wakes up. Who knows, maybe this rooster will even provide him with a very special alarm clock!


Fallen Soldier

When it comes to supplies we bring for a camping trip, one of the most important is your cell phone. It provides that ability to use a GPS navigation system, keep in touch with the outside world, and also fun things like music. It’s safe to say that the owner of this phone is in for quite the panic attack once he realizes his phone is now completely waterlogged and effectively useless.


Improvising As We Go

An important outdoor skill to have while camping is that of improvising. Sometimes, we may not have everything we need available to us. In this case, the people who went camping could not find a place where they could build a campfire, so they decided to improvise and use a mailbox instead. We hope this was a spare mailbox, otherwise, they may be in a bit of trouble.


A Slight Problem

When nature calls, nature calls. One of the biggest luxuries while camping is having a bathroom system available to you, so you don’t have to do your business in the middle of the woods. However, people at this campsite are in for a rude awakening — the toilet system they paid extra for will definitely not be available this time around.


If It Works, It Works

Sometimes while traveling and camping outdoors, we have to come up with creative solutions when we face certain problems. This group of campers forgot to bring a surface to cook on over the fire, and decided to use this random shopping cart that they found off they highway. Talk about recycling!


This Isn’t How This Works

Maybe this girl is the one whose tent went flying, and it ended up stuck in the local marsh! At least she’s lucky that she was able to find her tent again at all! We hope that she was able to dry and clean it up before having to sleep in it, otherwise she may find some unpleasant surprises…


You Have Been Warned

Most campsites don’t tell you about their flaws, you have to find those out on your own. This site knows where their problems lie, but instead of dealing with them, or hiding them, they named themselves after those very problems. Make sure to bring spare underwear when staying at this sandy resort.